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Zvaniet mums: +37162006800

HORA eTec Expertise in Electrical Engineering since 1919

HORA eTec’s work begins where the development focus of many electric terminal suppliers ends. Our product range occupies a niche, which is an extension to the programs of established suppliers. Electrical terminals for aluminium conductors, electrical terminals for copper conductors: We have in-depth expertise in component cores to back up our solutions. We have been providing reliable brassworking services to partners since 1919, and are now among the leading manufacturers of machined parts used in electrical engineering while constantly extending our know-how in advanced materials such as aluminium.

We at Hora eTec broach terminal openings of all kinds, and have become experts in broaching technology. All the tools and equipment we use have been developed or built in-house. Our processing cross-sections for PCB terminals are for the smallest edge dimensions at 3.8 x 2.8 x 2 mm and for power distribution terminals at 44 x 28 x 50 mm. This means that the connection cross-sections are sufficient from 1.5 mm² to 10mm² for PCB terminals and for our power distribution terminals up to 1,000 mm².

Finishing processes such as blasting, vibratory grinding and thermal annealing round off our range of processes. We offer our customers individual solutions for screw mounting. Whether power distribution, building services engineering or automation, our products and components – including electrical terminals, sockets, pin terminals and terminal blocks – can be found in every electrical engineering specialisation. Our large purchasing volumes for brass as a raw material combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology ensure excellent cost effectiveness in various batch sizes. Together with our Indian production partner, we are able to provide low production runs cost-effectively for our customers.

Our specialised expertise has secured our place as one of the most powerful brassworking companies in Europe. We have more than two hundred active customers on our books. Our services start at the very beginning – in the design process. We work along the entire value chain from development to production and logistics from our two locations in the East Westphalian region of Germany.

The extensive expertise shared by our employees helps us develop to serve our customers more effectively. We have a good eighty specialists in machining, electrical engineering, engineering and businessrelated fields to serve our customers. We’re not only a manufacturer at HORA eTec, we provide solutions