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Zvaniet mums: +37128486663


Vexen Electric is a brand of electro-technical equipment. We stand for modern yet simple design, usability and durability. Our products are manufactured to meet international safety and energy efficiency standards. We offer our clients full support: legible localized manuals and certificates, technical advisory, warranty.

You just take our products, install them and enjoy results. And we are always here in case you have any additional questions and requests.

Power control and measuring devices

Devices made for efficient energy management.

Allow to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency and sustainability. Vexen Electric metering devices and protective relays will monitor, analyze, measure and control power consumption. Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial use, including energy service companies, energy managers, technical studios and construction and maintenance companies. Quality products – DIN-rail energy meters, panel power meters, current transformers etc. – made in compliance with various international and EU standards (MID, CE etc.) at great prices.



Automation and power controlling devices

Vexen Electric offers a variety of time switch products to make life safer and easier in residential and industrial environments. 

Make everyday tasks of running electrical appliances automatic and more energy efficient. Analog and digital time relays with various mounting options: DIN-rail, circuit-board (panel-mount) and plug-in. Daily/weekly automation cycles and multifunctional relays. Our devices are easy to select and install thanks to legible wiring diagrams and manuals, reliable, meet all the requirements of modern building technology and building control.



Lighting and lighting management devices

Artificial lighting devices and lighting control system components by Vexen Electric.

 Manage the lighting system remotely and intelligently: schedule the on/off time, adjust the brightness and read status information. Solutions for indoor and outdoor use, adjustable by chronological or solar time. Occupancy sensors help to switch off lights in empty rooms. Photocell daylighting sensors detect pre-programmed ambient daylight levels and help to turn lights on or off accordingly. Reduce energy consumption by using artificial lighting only where and when it is needed.


Temperature controlling devices

Vexen Electric offers a wide range of solutions for temperature control.

There are four main types of devices. Thermostats for industrial and residential use: building heating, air conditioners, HVAC systems, water heaters, kitchen equipment etc. Room thermostats that help you save energy and money and sustain your preferred temperature. Heaters for small enclosures such as equipment cabinets and for residential and commercial rooms. Filtered fans to provide proper air circulation and prevent overheating in big and small enclosures: storage facilities, electrical and switch cabinets and others.