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Procedure for consideration of applications, complaints and proposals

The client has the rights to apply to online store pbplus.eu (SIA PAWBOL BALTIC) with  applications, proposals or complaints about service or its lack, and to get the reply as such.

An application, proposal or complaint may be applied in the following ways:

  1. By sending the letter to our e-mail [email protected]. The reply will be provided in 3 working days to the address indicated by the sender.
  2. By sending the letter by post to the address: SIA PAWBOL BALTIC, Riga, Katlakalna street 9, LV-1073

Warranty conditions:

All goods bought on the online store pbplus.eu have 2 years of warranty from the day they were bought. Warranty is provided according the Law “About protection of the rights of consumers”.


The products can be returned if following conditions were respected:

  1. returned product(s) must be in the original packing;
  2. product mustn't be damaged;
  3. product must be unused and it must have perfect marketable condition (there must be all labels, protective films on, etc.);
  4. returned product(s) must be in the same conditions as at the time it was received;
  5. the client must pay direct costs for returning the product (till the place it was received/delivered).