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Great deal for great people!

Great deal for great people!

Terms of the campaign „ Great Deal for Great people! “hereinafter referred to as the Regulations

  • 1. General data and definitions of basic terms
  1. Campaign „ Great Deal for Great people!” (hereinafter „ Campaign”) is organized by SIA „Pawbol Baltic”, Reg. Nr. 40103888768, Katlakalna iela 9, Rīga, Latvija, LV-1073 (hereinafter „Organizer”).
  2. Companies that have concluded an agreement with SIA „Pawbol Baltic” may become participants in the Campaign  (hereinafter „ Participants”).
  3. At the end of the Campaign, according to the amount of purchased goods, it is possible to purchase certain products at special prices (hereinafter „Exclusive Products”).
  4. The Campaign will be organized in the territories of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland.
  5. The Campaign will take place from the 1-st of March 2023 to the 31st of May 2023.
  • 2. Campaign participation terms
  1. Only those orders of goods made on the Organizer's B2B portal participate in the promotion.
  2. Per the total amount of goods purchased at the end of the Campaign, the Participant is entitled to purchase exclusive products for a special price.
  3. By reaching a certain turnover the Participant has the opportunity to purchase several Exclusive products.
  4. The total amount of turnover is calculated at the end of the Campaign.
  5. After the Campaign is finished, the Organizer undertakes to deliver to the Participant an Exclusive product with a special discount within one month or will offer a product of equal value at the Organizer's discretion.
  6. Transactions that have been delivered to the Participant under a separate agreement with special prices will not be included in the total turnover.
  • 3. Exclusive products
  1. Participation in the Campaign gives the Participant an opportunity to purchase the following Exclusive products for special prices:
  • Turnover from 19 999 EUR 


Samsonite spinner jand luggage suitcase special price:  – 0,01 EUR incl. VAT

  • Turnover from 24 999 EUR

HOBOT 388 Double Side Magnetic Window Cleaner special price:  – 0,01 EUR incl. VAT

  • Turnover from 29 999 EUR

Tefal Ixeo Power 2170W All-in-one iron steamer station special price:  – 0,01 EUR incl. VAT

  • Turnover from 34 999 EUR

Burnhard Flint Pellet Smoker/grill special price:  – 0,01 EUR incl. VAT

  • Turnover from 44 999 EUR

Makita DLX6085TJ Combo tool Kit special price:  – 0,01 EUR incl. VAT

  • 4. Final terms
  1. All information about the Campaign is available at
  2. The Campaign Participants have read the Regulations. 
  3. The Organizer reserves the right to amend the Regulations during the Campaign period unless it worsens the participation terms.  
  4. The Organizer reserves the option to change the Exclusive products. However, the value of the new Exclusive products shall not be lower than the values of Exclusive products provided for in § 3.
  5. Exclusive products may not be exchanged for money.
  6. Unregulated issues are resolved on the basis of laws and regulations applicable in the Republic of Latvia, including the provisions of the Civil Law.

If you have any questions, call +37162006800 or write to [email protected]

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