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PAWBOL Baltic collaborates with various distributors and wholesalers who ensure the delivery of goods to end consumers.

What does our daily cooperation process with direct customers look like? It consists of several simple steps.

The client places an order:

  • Create an order on the B2B portal. If you need assistance, click here: "How to order?"
    • Request a project estimate, and the responsible manager prepares an offer.
    • After communication with the responsible manager and specifying the order details, the manager compiles the appropriate order.
    • Once the order is drafted, PAWBOL Baltic reserves the goods in the warehouse or orders them from the manufacturer.
  • The client receives a detailed order confirmation from PAWBOL Baltic with prices, delivery deadlines, and other necessary information.
  • PAWBOL Baltic specialists assemble the order, issue the consignment note, release the order from the warehouse, or arrange delivery (depending on the chosen order receipt method).

Thank you for your cooperation! Always a pleasure to assist you!