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How to place an order?

1. Log into our system with your username and password. If you are not yet registered for purchases on the B2B portal but wish to start a long-term collaboration, contact your PAWBOL Baltic sales manager or write to [email protected].

2. Choose the required products. You can do this from the catalog, by product group – on the left side of the page. At the top of the page, there are also other selection methods: by manufacturer, new products, most popular products, products with promotional discounts (including new ones), and products on clearance.

3. If needed, read the detailed description of the product and view the available documentation on the product's page. There you can also check product availability and conveniently adjust the quantity of the product to be ordered.

4. Add the necessary quantity of the product to the cart.

5. If you are placing a repeat order and already know both the product codes and the required quantity, use the “Import from Excel” option! Copy the codes and product quantities, and the cart will be created automatically.

6. On your shopping cart page, you will see the selected products. Use the “Order number” field if your discount system requires a specific number. This field will be reflected in the invoice. Indicate the desired delivery date and method of delivery.

7. You can also save the cart if you will need to repeat the same order in the future, and print or save the product list in the cart in .csv or .pdf format.

8. If necessary, add your comments.

9. Click “Place Order”. Done! You will receive the order details in your email.

Thank you for your purchase!

The order details have been sent to your email. The responsible manager will contact you.