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About company PAWBOL Baltic

Since 2015 in the Baltic States and Scandinavia the company PAWBOL Baltic is official and the largest exporter of the electrotechnical equipment from the Pawbol Sp.z o.o. factories.


In 1989 the company Pawbol Sp. Z O.O. started its activities and since that it is the best  manufacturer of the electrotechnical equipment. Its assortment is more than 3500 items and the quantity grows. Their own innovative developments of Company received unanimous approval of European business partners. Products of Pawbol are in demand on the international market and are exported to 16 countries.


It became the decisive factor to open a subsidiary PAWBOL Baltic in the Baltic States.

PAWBOL Baltic offers a range of integrated solutions and services for the supply of a variety of electrical equipment from the equipment of residential and shopping complexes to rare design elements from the world's leading manufacturers: ABL, Bticino, ETI, Grasslin, HORA eTec, Legrand, VEXEN electric.


Regular delivery of the electrotechnical equipment from the factories and large stock of goods in the store in Riga allows to make delivery of orders as soon as possible.

We cooperate with wholesale companies and large chain stores, with designers and installers, engineers and electricians in the Baltic States and Scandinavia.


We offer our clients various price and quality range, technical support, guarantees, the most comfortable terms of payment, delivery and return of goods.

For PAWBOL Baltic company it is very important to have positive relationship with each client. We organize excursions to manufacturers' factories, conduct technical training, regularly send useful information about various products.


We appreciate our clients and build partnerships on the principles of long-term and perspective cooperation.